A relationship between the content marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Content is the most important part of any website. There is no use of creating the website if there is no content on the website. Content helps in giving the information to the customers and the viewers about the company, their work domain and the products and services offered by it. Several other valuable information are also disseminated to the viewers via website to enhance their knowledge and skills thus, there is a need to focus on developing the right content for positioning your website at the top of the digital world particularly in the  category to  which your website belongs. For the content generation, the content writers or the content developers write articles and blogs by effectively using the keywords which enable the users to discover your website without many efforts.

Is content marketing and SEO same?

Once, the content for your website is generated, there is a need of content marketing and search engine optimization which helps in improving your ranking on the website. There are many people who often overlap the concept of content marketing and Search engine optimization and think they both are same. Well, these two terms have separate meanings.  But SEO web design experts offer the services of content marketing as well as SEO.

Differences between the two

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website popular for the searches. It includes URL optimization as well as the content optimization. Content optimization is a part of content marketing, content Optimization includes lots of technical terms like URL optimization, use of Meta tags or Alt tags, link building, optimization of on page element etc for optimizing each pages of the website whereas, content marketing is the broader concept.  It includes creating the web pages of your site and promoting through various channels like social media, Advertisements, link promotion etc.