Advantages of buying a used car from a private seller

Private sellers for best used hyundai i10 india are people like you and me who just want to sell their old vehicles so that they can buy a new one, or so that they can move to a new location and so on. There are a lot of benefits if you choose to buy your car from a private seller.

No profit margin for seller

The value of a used car doesn’t depend solely on its condition and age; it also depends on who you are buying it from. Used cars are available from trade-ins, used car retailers, certified brand resellers and private owners. Buying from private sellers is the cheapest option. You will find a substantial difference in price for the same model at the same age and same number of miles on it. This is because a dealer selling best used hyundai i10 india will have to get the car checked and certified, make any repairs if needed, then add a percentage as profit and then sell it to the buyer. A private seller will sell the car as it is, so no such extra cost is incurred. Also the private seller isn’t aiming to make a profit; he or she is just trying to sell off an old car that they no longer need.

Vehicle is more likely to be well maintained

Not all private sellers are careful about their vehicles. But by and large most car owners love their vehicles and take pride in them. So, they are more likely to take care of their cars and lovingly maintain them. Dealerships are usually full of old cars, they hardly have any time to dust them, let alone maintain them. So, if you buy from a private seller, you will probably get a very clean and well cared for car at a very reasonable price.

Easier negotiations

Private sellers are more interested in selling their vehicle and getting the whole thing over with. So, usually they are very eager to sell their vehicle. This puts all the power into your hand, you as the buyer can walk out any minute. As such a private seller will not be inclined to play any games with you. if hone your negotiating skill a little, it shouldn’t be hard to strike a bargain and finish the transaction with minimum fuss.