All You Should Know About gp toys and RC Car


RC cars from GP toys are the renowned name for great good-looking Truck, Truggy, and Buggy which has found a prominent place in most of the online and retail stores. This is one of the robustly designed toys created by GP Toys. Over 8 years of experience, GP toys have been developing its growth in inventing innovative radio control products (toys) in more than 10 countries.

Features of GP toys and RC Car

Following are some of the features of RC cars – Truck, Truggy, and Buggy

Speed power – The speed limit is pretty higher for the RC cars 33 mph because of its powerful 390 motors, thus by making the users to feel a high speed.

ControllingCapability – This RC car has the capability to control the gp toys up to a range of 260 feet. It has good and powerful steering, throttle to control the cars.

Fun Features – These RC cars come under the technology of S-Truck Suspension Technology which has a great performance to ride with.

Specifications – It has 2.4 GHz radio system which has perfect specialized operations in case of turning the car, flipping it, and while drifting.

Warranty Features – This variety of RC car comes under lifetime support with 90 days replacement warranty.

Additional Features – When moving on through sand, mud, grass, under the semi-waterproof condition, and on marshy lands, it gives a thrilling experience for the users to have a perfect fun.


  • It comes up with Ball Bearings – which reduces the rotational friction and also provide appropriate control.
  • It provides good run time and it more durable than most of the toys of its generation.
  • It provides PVC rubber which avoids skidding due to its soft, sharp-proof and elastic nature.
  • RC cars is designed with four suspension springs and works under all-weather condition.


  • The radio range is limited to 90-100’ maximum which limits its control.
  • Due to its waterproof nature, the truck has been designed in such a way that the on/off switch and the battery replacement area is placed well-below the body. This makes difficulty in switching on/off or for changing the battery. The users need to follow these procedures each and every time.


By considering all the above factors, it is very well acknowledged that RC cars provide great fun at a reasonable price for the users than its compatriots. This is one of the best fun-providing games which the users have to look at.