Charging All Your Mobile Devices At Home

There is no way to deny that mobile technology has made our lives easier; or, at the very least, more convenient. But along with this convenience we do have a few responsibilities.  Obviously, now that we have several portable devices to carry around with us all the time it means that you we have to be more responsible about keeping track of these things.

In addition to that, though, we also have to make sure we are able to keep these electronic devices charged at all times; or, rather, have to be able to charge them in a convenient way. Obviously, that means we need to be able to charge these devices when we come home at the end of the day.  That’s not always easy, of course, since most homes were not built with the idea that you will be charging several devices at a time.


Of course, you can always use a power strip. This lets you expand your common 2-input outlet to 4 or 6 or 8 outlets.  It is very important to remember, though, that each outlet is only designed to provide so much electricity at a single time, so you don’t want to have several high power electronics plugged in—and operating—in one power strip at any given time.


The good news is that many of these power strips, today, have built-in surge protectors. These are electrical mechanisms which cut power to the outlet if it detects too much energy. Essentially, this prevents explosions.


Also, these days, you can find power strips that have built Primecable surge protector with usb options. This means that you do not have to occupy one of the 6 outlets with a USB charger for your phone or tablet. Instead, you can simply plug the usb cable directly into the outlet. It not only saves you space but delivers more accurate power to your device.  Actually, make sure that you know whether your usb cable delivers 1 or 2 amps. Often you can figure this out by reading the packaging; typically, there is a label that says 1a or 2a.  A usb cable with 1a designation should have enough power for your mobile phone but if you want to quick charge a tablet you’ll need a 2a cable. Of course, you can use a 2a cable on a 1a device (but it is not recommended to do it the other way around).