Choosing Dab Nails: The Best Types For You

With the sudden acceptance of medical marijuana throughout the US and much of the world, dab rigs have become highly popular as optimal devices for THC delivery. While especially efficient, this type of vaping requires special skills and equipment to perform correctly.

This following article will look at the nail, which works to heat the oil/ wax/shatter. It is important to remember that you never want to add your costly concentrates to a red hot nail. This will cause it to burn and you will lose your concentrates and their important THC content.


The dab rig you purchase will often come with the standard glass nail. While this is an effective option, glass cleans easy and produces decent flavors, there are some downsides to this option. Glass nails are very fragile and after extensive use they will not last. If you have deft skill with your torch you will be able to preserve the life of your glass nail for months on end. On the other hand, if you want to spend a bit more you will be left with a longer lasting option.


Ceramics offer improved heat diffusing capacities over glass, which is why mugs for hot beverages are usually ceramic. This is the next best thing after a glass nail. One thing to remember when using a ceramic nail is that it may need to cool a bit before you dab on your concentrates. Like glass nails the ceramic nail can be cleaned very easily. Be very careful with these though as the smallest crack can lead to oils being absorbed and then the ceramic piece will crumble.


Nails that are made of quartz crystals offer some benefits beyond those offered by glass or ceramic nails. First off, a quartz nail can withstand much higher heat than the other options. This means it will last much longer before it stands at a risk of breaking. If you tend to drop things this is a good option as it can also absorb impact well.

Ceramic tiles can also begin to affect the flavors you are experiencing, not something you will need to worry about when using a quartz nail. The only downside to the quartz option is that it will cool off faster than ceramic. Once the nail is hot, you will need to dab fast to take advantage of that optimal heat.

Titanium (Ti Nail)

Those dabbing connoisseurs have been known to choose the prestige and pristine performance of Titanium Nails or “Ti Nails” as they are commonly referred called. The primary advantage of Ti Nails is that they are virtually impervious to harm. Titanium is a metal that can withstand high-temperatures with perfect heat transfer. Ti nails also hold the heat well-meaning you have plenty of time to perfect your dabbing skills.

Some connoisseurs have claimed that Ti nails can distort the flavors of the vapor by giving off a slightly metallic overtone. This is not an isolated report, and those seeking the purest flavors have found quartz nails to be the most desirable option.

Electric Nails (E-Nails)

E-nails are by far the item of choice for dabbers of all skill and experience levels. The biggest downside is that a good set will cost you upwards of $200, but the upsides are what you should know about. The best thing about an e-nails is that it eliminates the need for a torch. With e-nails you can set the desired temperature precisely. Because the terpenes you are trying to enjoy burn best at a specific temperature, an e-nail can ensure the best low-temp dabs with every hit. This can take some time to get right if you are using other nail types.

Burning oils/shatter/wax is one of the worst things that can happen, but e-nails effectively remove this risk.

In Conclusion

The best nails for your situation will depend on your skills as a dabber. While glass, ceramic, quartz and titanium nails can provide an interesting experience and help you refine these skills, there is nothing like the simplicity of an e-nail. Check out our full listing of top quality e-nails here to see if there is something that satisfies your cravings.