Defining Responsive Website Design


If you are acquainted with the world of website design, then of late you would be probably be hearing a lot about one single term – responsive web design. So, what exactly is responsive website design and how does it help? In the following post, we would be finding an answer to all those questions.

Responsive Web Design or RWD is an approach towards designing a website that creates dynamic changes to the way a website looks and feels, depending on the screen size of the device on which the website is being accessed. In simpler words, it causes the website to adapt to the screen size thereby giving a pleasurable browsing experience.  A responsive website would be conveniently viewed and accessed on a small mobile phone as well as huge desktop screens.

The Concept of Breakpoints

Now, Responsive Website Design uses so called breakpoints to decide on the layout of the website. One design is used above a breakpoint while the other is below the breakpoint. These so-called breakpoints are based on the width of the browser on which the website is being accessed.

Changes in the design

Now most of us would think that you need to make changes to HTML coding itself to make a website responsive. But it is really not that way. The same HTML is served to all devices. The changes are only there for the CSS, which determines the layout of the website.  This way, instead of creating separate websites for every device, you just change the layout of the website.

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Re-shuffling Design

Based on the changes to the viewport, the elements of the website design re-shuffles to adapt to the screen. For example, if your website has three columns on a desktop screen, it would have two columns when it is viewed on mobile screen. It does that by using grids in design. The grids are shuffled and that changes the layout of your website.

Making website design more efficient

There are many advantages of responsive website design. One of the greatest advantages of responsive website design is that it makes website designing more efficient. You would help you widens your reach of your website by giving access to people who use different devices to access your website. However, for doing that, you don’t need to develop multiple sites. You just need to make changes to the design and that’s about it.

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