Drone Photography

The high-flying drones with the camera attached to it are a craze of late. For fun, utility or functions now drones or UAV is an indispensable part all over the globe. SkySnap, a Toronto-based drone photography company, is doing in their field for a couple of years. We are having some drones to do this job perfectly and to the ultimate satisfaction of the customers. The cost of drone photography is much lower than the conventional aerial photography.

Apart from the amazing images, you will capture, they are also tremendous fun and utility. There is a vast range of drones, (UAVs -unmanned aerial vehicles), in the market. The drone photography is not complicated. The “Fly Straight Out of the Box” concept is applied.  You charge the battery, download the app to your smartphone, fire it up, and there you go.

But drone photography is governed by rules and regulations. Like flight path, elevation, no fly zones, etc. The pilot needs a license too. But just taking a photograph is the basic, you may have to analyse the pictures and derive sense out of it especially for commercial applications.As a drone enthusiasts, you can choose an open place and try flying at lower elevations.

Now drones have some amazing technology on board that has revolutionized aerial photography using drones. There are auto or full manual control, RAW capture, even time-lapse camera controls to get a good aerial drone photography. The drone will stay  in the one spot with incredible stability, and you can take good pictures.

SkySnap is using 14 to 40 megapixel camera. These images can be analysed with special software.  Come, talk to us and we can start your project at the earliest. We have all the gadgets, drones, spares and software to make an ordinary drone photograph a great one.