Some Twitter users say that they would rather have quality over quantity. But why choose? If you use smart ways to grow your Twitter audience you will be able to have both.


First of all, why do we need many followers on Twitter? Social command, power and commercial influence are a few among the reasons. Twitter is a community of its own, and just like in any community, the more people follow you the more of a professional you seem to others. It also brings you lots of confidence in yourself, your ideas and products. The amount of people following your account almost equals the level of trust and safety with which other users will perceive your page. And that largely helps build some business ties and engagements quickly and successfully. Now for the useful tips.


  1. Make your account look friendly. Don’t leave any empty spaces on your page – upload an avatar picture with your face on it, write an interesting exhaustive bio, find or create a cool header image that speaks of your interests and personality, chose a theme you like the best for your page. There are plenty of things you can do to personalize your account and attract people to it. Also, keep in mind that Twitter will not include you in search results if you leave your username, full name, and bio empty.
  2. Twitter is all about short messages and witty remarks limited in length and that’s what is so cool about it. On the downside, that might not be enough to expose potential followers to all you have to offer. Which is why you can feature a link to your blog, site or any other social media account for people to get a better idea of what they are about to follow. It gives you an opportunity to give more precise and detailed information about yourself, your business or ideas without worrying about text limits or making your Twitter look boring.
  3. Identify your target audience. You have to feature different topics and subjects on your page to keep it entertaining and switch things up every now and then. But if you have no core direction that your account is mostly dedicated to, a large spectrum of topics will most definitely be confusing and make you seem like a spam account. But also. only posting concerning your main subject or your production might make your account dry and uninteresting in the eyes of the followers. Bring some personality to your account but don’t forget to stick to your own.
  4. Make it easy to find you. It happens very often that we come across some really delightful post and want to share the link with our audience but there is no author’s username stated. Even if you don’t consider the content you share of particularly high quality or interest to others, always feature your username, even on other social media platforms. Remember, the Internet nowadays truly has no limits and people from various websites and services might want to come visit your Twitter page.
  5. Stay active. Make posting something on Twitter a part of daily routine. If due to any reason you can’t tweet then make it known to your audience. Let them know beforehand or apologize for continuous inactivity after. But you have to keep in mind that posting too many tweets per day might be viewed as unnecessary or even annoying. Also, try to strike a balance so that you don’t post a thousand massages in a day and then stay silent for a week. Find the golden mean.
  6. Be sociable. People are always prone to liking amiable people. So be likable – respond to messages publicly, retweet and like other people’s tweets, support popular hashtags or hashtags that speak to you personally. You can even help other users promote their goods or services, but make sure to do that in moderation, you don’t want to be seen as a spam account.