Getting to Know Your Bong

Along with joints and pipes, one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis is with a bong. It is also known as a water pipe, a bing, a binger, or a billy in marijuana slang. Bongs are especially useful for smoking dried cannabis flowers. A bong is considered a treasured piece in weed culture. It is common for marijuana enthusiasts to give their bong an endearing name. These tools are often treasured to the point of getting a personality.

Bong History

The history of the bong, or water pipe, goes back thousands of years, explains It was revered throughout several Chinese dynasties and some have been found in ancient tombs, reports the source. Thai people have historically smoked their herbs through a bamboo tube that they call a baung, which is how we got the word bong.

Flavored tobaccos have been enjoyed in Middle Eastern countries with a hookah, which is a water pipe that is similar to a bong. The mouthpiece is on a hose and lets several people smoke the herb or tobacco from the same bowl.

Modern bongs, such as the ones from Cloud Culture Store, come in various sizes and shapes. The most coveted ones are hand-blown by experienced glassblowers. They create beautiful works of art that are specially designed for smoking. Some bongs are made of traditional bamboo or skillfully carved from luxurious hardwood. It is common to see ceramic bongs or cheaper ones made of plastic. Cannabis fans have found creative ways of making bongs out of just about anything, for the fun of it.

The Parts of a Bong

• Bowl: This is the cup-shaped part where the marijuana buds are stuffed for smoking. The bowls of most bongs are removable for easy cleaning and storing.

• Carb: As in glass pipes, the carb (carburetor) lets the smoker take a deep hit of smoke and clear the whole chamber. They can be a slide or pull type. When you take the bowl off of the bong, you can quickly identify it.

• Downstem: Cannabis smoke gets from the bowl to the base via a small tube called the downstem. The smoke will gently bubble as it filters through the water.

• Base: The bottom of the bong is called its base. There are many styles and shapes of bong bases. This water chamber is often shaped like a bubble and holds the water for the bong.

• Tube: After the smoke is filtered through the water in the bong’s base, it fills a tube which has a mouthpiece on its end. Some tubes are big enough to accommodate ice cubes for a cooler smoking inhalation.

One of the reasons you may choose to smoke your marijuana buds from a bong is that your draw is much smoother. This is because of the unique cooling and filtration system the bong uses. Bong smokers also say that they still get the full flavor and aroma from their weed. It is worth trying for a unique cannabis smoking experience.