Here Are The Best GoDaddy Commercials During Past Superbowls

GoDaddy commercials during Super Bowls have been anything but bland. While most GoDaddy commercials have succeeded in attracting attention, some GoDaddy commercials stand out above the rest. GoDaddy commercials invariably captivate and thrill the minds of the audience.

The ‘Shower’ commercial from Super Bowl 2009

The shower commercial features three male teenagers checking out a new domain name and website from The one who’s sitting in front of the computer says that GoDaddy allows him to make anything to reality. Suddenly, another scene appears on the computer screen – Danica Patrick getting ready to take a shower.

They decide that they want to include their attractive German teacher in that scene. As luck would have had it the teacher appears on the screen together with Danica Patrick. Now that they are in the bathroom and the German teacher gets an urge to rub Danica’s back.

The message of the commercial is that GoDaddyn can make everyone’s dream come true. The commercial is quite enchanting and will catch your attention.

The ‘Exposure’ commercial from Super Bowl 2011

The exposure commercial was considered controversial since it was related to women’s private parts. The commercial features gorgeous women holding pet beavers. The paparazzi surround the women and take pictures of them. The usage  ‘beaver’is actually an indirect reference to vagina.

At the end of the commercial, Danica Patrick says that GoDaddy’s services give her all the exposure she needs. Like most GoDaddy commercials, the exposure commercial is not that complicated simple to grasp. The underlying message is that GoDaddy’s domain and web hosting services will give your website all the exposure it needs. For more details

Ultimately this is what is meant for a commercial- the retention factor.