Los Angeles Video Marketing On A Budget: 4 Tips To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Getting a decent web video produced can be pretty pricey. It’s hard to give a standard industry rate for a standard sixty-second video because so many factors of the price depend on variables. Different production companies will have different styles and different metrics to measure quality. Regardless, many seem to be in the agreement that Los Angeles video marketing can cost you a pretty penny—unless you really cut back and go for questionable freelance offers and Fiverr gigs on the web.If you want quality, you’ll have to stretch your finances as far as they can go.

Is it possible to get professional video done on a less-than-ideal budget? Yes, but you’d have to go through some great lengths first. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly quite doable.

Shop Around

You can’t be sure you’re getting the best possible price for your project if you only get the quotes of one or two production houses. This stage is a lot of work, but it makes a huge difference in the end. Before you even begin narrowing down your choices, try to get quotesfrom at least five different Los Angeles video production companies. That way, you can be sure you get a pretty decent average in terms of project price.

Do Your Research

You can save a lot of time—and money!—just by eliminating a chunk of the brainstorming, scriptwriting, and other pre-production work that the production house would normally do. The goal is always to have your content “cut through the noise,” or so Forbes contributor Propoint writes, and this won’t happen if what you have is exactly the same was what everybody else has.

Invest in some really good marketing research and put your creative team to work. Once they’ve decided on the best possible concept and content for your video, then you can bring it to a third-party production house to see it in action. Trimming the amount of work they have to do also means trimming your bill.

Opt For Animated

While live action videos are great for evoking the human connection (an important factor to engage your audience) the talent fees alone can clean your pocket. Instead of reducing the number of actors, why not just cut them out and choose an animated explainer video instead? Animated explainer videos have proven to be just as effective as live-action shots—if not more so.

Propoint also writes that an animated video converts at a higher rate than live-action, and it can “give you control over the imagery.” You also just pay for the animators (which will cost a good deal less than multiple actors on for thirty to sixty seconds) and the resources.

Repurpose When You Can

Instead of making a new video for every marketing platform you’re on, why not optimize the same video for different platforms? Embed it on your landing page, upload it to both YouTube and Facebook, and trim it down (if it needs to be) for Instagram and Twitter. Forbes recommends including it in an email newsletter to boost “open and click-through rates,” which is pretty solid advice.

Another idea would be to chop up a longer video into three or four segments and turn it into a series. With this, you could stretch youLos Angeles video marketing campaignup to four, five weeks using the same original video.