Mailmark Post Products Benefits

Mailmark is a service from Royal Mail which clients with smart franking machines can enjoy. It offers the best technology, the most cost effective pricing tariff and superior service levels.

Mailmark post products are franked with a 2D barcode rather than franking’s crown and die. The barcode contains more data and can be read electronically throughout processing.

This means that clients can access their customised and detailed dashboard and see where their mail is in the system and if there are any issues, for example an incomplete or unrecognised address.

Business mail services are enhanced with smart franking machines and Mailmark post products and Royal Mail continue to develop the range of facilities and implement new tools.

There is a substantial price difference between Mailmark post products and standard franking or stamps.

Here’s an example:

  • 20 X 1st class small envelopes under 100 grams:
  • 20 stamps at 64 pence each: £12.80
  • 20 ranked envelopes at 53 pence each: £10.60
  • 20 Mailmark franked envelopes at 51 pence each: £10.20

Total saving with only 20 items of post is £2.60. Do you want your business mail services to be a smaller drain on your resources? If yes, then Mailmark post products offer your solution.

Whenever price changes come in to effect Royal Mail will download the new rates to the smart franking machine so you’re always paying the correct fee.

The risk of underpayment surcharges is therefore diminished and you don’t have to do anything. Lovely.

Royal Mail offers a business reply franking service on your machine so you can place a reply envelope within an item of mail.  This offers maximum convenience and customer service.

With a Mailmark compatible smart franking machine you will present the most professional image possible on your mail.

Plus, free marketing can be achieved by adding your company logo, slogan or unique text like “Sale now on.” An external return address can easily be printed.

Mailmark post products are recorded as they pass through the network in real time. You have the most up to date information when you check the status of an item of mail. Visibility is a key development area for Royal Mail with Mailmark business mail services.

A further benefit is that all Mailmark eligible smart franking machines can connect via LAN (local area network) which makes the client’s life easier and data delivery quick.

Royal Mail has spent approximately £70 million on enhancing Mailmark post products, business mail services, technology and tools.

If your franking machine is not compliant with Mailmark it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a smart franking machine to optimise efficiency and savings.

The standard franking machines will become obsolete more quickly than smart ones.

Over time it is intended that older machines will be phased out as they simply won’t have the capabilities of their smart successors.

Grasp your opportunity to enjoy cost effective technologically driven advances in business mail services.

Speak to an accredited supplier like IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston about smart franking machines today.