Marketing Dynamics to make your app a success

Making sure that your app is a success from day one requires days of planning on the marketing front. All your marketing efforts will start with knowing who your users are. Having a buyer persona will help you focus all your marketing efforts in one direction. So let’s first see how to get data that would point us to your buyer’s demographics and help you create a buyer persona:

Step 1

Analyze all your social media platforms to see what region, age, and interest of people are getting attracted to your app. For this, you will have to keep a close eye on the analytics data of all the individual platforms. Also, see your review section in the respective play stores to get an idea of where people are coming from and talking about your app.

Step 2

Once you get the above data, next step is to analyze your app. Find out from your app’s analytics tool, or take help of the mobile application development company, you have partnered with to get data of people who are installing your app.


Mix both the data – fromsocial media and app analytic tool and create an audience demographic. Now, while defining the personality note their language, preferences, timing when they are active, and the way they are interacting with the app.

Following the aforementioned steps, you would now have the audience demographics and preferences ready with you. Here is what should follow now

  1. Getting attention of your users

There are two ways to go about getting users attracted towards your app – Organic and Paid. Let’s look at both.


  1. ASO/PSO –Make sure your app description is optimized for Google and Apple Play Stores. Use keywords in your description and make an engaging description copy for your app to come on top of the list of the category your app falls in.
  2. Redirect Website Traffic–Add a pop-up on your website prompting people to install your app. Try and have it on the home page and on all the landing pages, for the visitors to know that you are on mobile, in the shortest possible time.
  3. Email Subscriptions –Add the install now button in the email subscriptions that you send out. Here, add something of value to entice your subscribers into downloading your app on their device.
  4. Social Media and PR – Another organic way to get traffic on your app is by making pages on social media and being active on them. Along with social media, PR websites also come in very handy, you can ask some PR site to review your app and write about it or even mention it somewhere on their site or blog or even tweet.


  1. Mobile Ads

    One sure shot way of getting eyeballs on your app is by doing ads on other’s apps or social media. All you have to do is buy an ad space in either social media or other apps. A quick search on the internet, will get you a lot of information on the sites from where you can buy ad space.

  2. Partnership Campaigns

Get in partnership with another app company and make a deal to show their ads in your app in return of an ad space in theirs

  1. Find out if people are downloading your app

Now that you have attracted people to your app, it’s time to see if at all they are downloading/ installing your app. Again, there are two ways to get this data – Organically and Paid, here’s both –


When promoting your app, replace all links with uniquely tagged link to find out the exact number of downloads with the help of your app’s analysis or webmaster tool.


Use the app analytics tool that you have share with your partnered ad networks and then track the acquisition campaign from there.

  1. Engage your users

The next step in line is to keep users who have downloaded your app, engaged with it. There are many ways to go about it, but here are the few time tested ones –

  1. Personalized Onboarding – Give your users referral reward and make a separate welcome screen.
  2. Push Messages – Send your users well timed, targeted messages prompting them to do the next step, which can be – sharing app with friends or reviewing it.
  3. Remarketing – Keep floating your ad on users’ device every once in a while. It can be to remind them to use the app or can be to notify them of an upcoming event.
  4. Email Marketing – Send dynamic emails to your users reminding them to come on the app. Ensure that you fix and follow a schedule and that you have added a relevant CTA.
  1. Make your users share the app

In the world of apps and entertainment, even the brilliant of marketing strategies can fall short if not done enough to make the end users share it with prospects. Hereare some methods that you can use to make your users promote the app for you –

  1. Referral Perks – Offer something of benefit – free lives, discount, or free rides – to your users, motivating them to get their friends to install your app.
  2. Share usage on Social Media – Prompt users, through in app messages, to share their success or new purchase or rewards with the world on social media.
  1. PredictiveMarketing

The last stage of your marketing plan should be to predict what your users will do next. All your marketing efforts will go to a waste if you are not analyzing your users’ pressure points. Find out the stage at which they are leaving your app and focus your energies there before you lose them there.

Always keep an eye out for what your users are up to in your app. This is where your app reviews will come in very handy.

Now that you have a marketing plan ready with you, there are some things that you need to keep an eye on a continuous basis to ensure that you are headed in the right direction, such as – User Session, Session Interval, Time they are spending in the app, Acquisitions, Lifetime value, Retention rate, and Screen flow.

Bio: Currently writing for ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading app development companies, Tripti has written on relationships, career, and real estate in her past. But now she is focusing on decoding the mobile world with Ed Sheeran playing on a record in the background.