Mekart Studio

If you are a unity game developer for iOS or Android, and are unable to find a proper medium to promote your developed games, or don’t have the funds to publish your work you’ve worked so hard on. We have a solution for that.

We are offering you an opportunity to upload and promote your games on our website for free, as we realize the importance of game developers and we also understand the prominence mobile games and that they will eventually be the ultimate gaming platform.

By doing so, you’re not only getting the publicity you and your game need but are also bringing your work forward for thousands to play. We plan to grow our website to massive proportions by implementing impeccable techniques which bring forward your game, into the limelight.

Why choose us

By deciding to publish your hard work to your website, we will not only bring traffic to your game but also give you a medium to get public opinions and reviews beforehand and improve, develop and optimize your game.

By publishing your games to us, you will be able to get feedback for your games, and evaluate its potential, as the next big thing on the app store, and get ideas for features to add in the future.

What do you have to gain from all of this? Well, a lot of Unity game developers spend dozens of hours in creating their games and upload it to websites without any public exposure. We let you to publish your iOS or Android games and get them played!

What we do for you

Our website is an emerging community open to the public, anyone can see your work and anyone can upload their game to our website. We strongly support Unity developers for iOS and Android games and promote their work on our website.

By providing a rating system, users who have played your game will be able to give feedback to you about your game. We also promote the rising/popular games on our website, on social media to further increase the fan base allowing you to get more feedback!

Unity developers who wish to upload their iOS and Android games have no restrictions to their game type, we promote and support a large category of games from action, adventure to word, and trivial.

If you plan to upload a new game to the App store, you can use our services to get a beforehand experience towards customer support, care and optimize your game for your player-base and create a niche, so you can enter the gaming world without any problems.

What are the requirements to join?

Ultimately, you, the developers are our priority. We promote Unity game developers for Android and iOS greatly, and to join, we just want a working copy of your game, with our website you can get public analyzation of your game, and promote it as well.

IOS and Android game developers are openly welcome and invited to use our services and website, and get the most out of their game and get noticed.

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