Moneygram hackers- The white hat hackers

We are white hat hackers and it is important at this stage for me to tell you that you should not confuse us with the other types of hackers such as black hat, grey hat, elite hackers and script kiddies. Our work is completely non malicious and we hack to test that the security system being used is without any loopholes. The term white hat hackers can be used interchangeably with ethical hackers. We have been in existence since last 5 years and we operate in the subculture that centersaround hackers and is referred to as the computer underground. Our team has bankers and cashiers from different European countries and we are a English speaking team.

Now let us see what we do. The services at Moneygram hackers include bank logins and transfer services, transfer via Western Union, PayPal transfer, and others. We conduct penetration tests or pen tests which means we attack the computer and come to know if there is a security weakness. The company who hires us then comes to know if their system is vulnerable to attack and which defenses we were able to defeat and if the existing defenses are sufficient.

We at Moneygram hackers undertake bank transfers and funds are transferred using a regular wire transfer and we even give invoices. We transfer money to almost all banks in the world and can transfer any amount and the whole deal is fast, safe and secure. The information that you have to provide is your bank information, the email address, payment info and tellrouting or swift number. The amount we charge is pretty fair and ranges between 7.5 -10% of the total amount transferred.

Companies hire us to work on their payroll to test the quality of their security measures and we also deal in Bitcoins.

As far as western union transfers are concerned you can avail of this service from anywhere and anytime. We deal with all countries that have a Western Union. But the condition precedent is that it should be a high limit transfer. We undertake a series of transactions and the exchangers send you the funds to make sure that the funds that you finally receive are clean. The services are safe and secure and without any issues and delays. The only information we require are your full name, and address with zip code.

Our PayPal services work in a way that the money from stolen PayPal accounts is transferred into the hacked account and then we carry out a series of transfers into many verified PayPal accounts before the money is finally transferred into the account of the customer so that the money received by our client is clean money.

We also sell dumps and CVV and CC.

To conclude I would like to tell you that we are a team which can be called trustworthy and experienced hackers. We have the biggest market share that exists for hackers and we are aware of all the tools, methods, programs and exploits that a good hacking team must know of. We will act as bodyguards of your confidential information and what we really are is a team of information security professionals.