The Fleet Manager’s Advantage

The DVSA imposes stringent rules to guarantee that drivers conform to protected practices outlined by United Kingdom and EU law. Organizations breaking the law can find themselves obtaining pricey penalties and even prosecution.

Relieve drivers from the burden of paper inspection forms and improve inspection top quality, all from a current smartphone or tablet. Not like paper whereby electronic inspection reviews are available anytime, anyplace and error free of charge.

Automating your fleet management will improve visibility of your operations, supplying stats relating to failure kinds, particular automobiles and occurrences, the net outcome currently being an intelligent image of the general vehicle well being and efficiency.

Our fleet management options make sure your company tends to make the very best use of its asset tracking solutions. OmniCheck DVSA mobile app backlinks in actual time back to your inner database to offer a clear audit trail in relation to dates, occasions and difficulties recognized throughout the course of the walk around car inspections. It will also guarantees robust compliance without having the require for any extra paperwork or documentation.

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When drivers determine defects, the mobile app will inform them of the severity of the defect and instruct them what to do next – carry on with the journey, look for guidance or even “ground” the car.

Completed reviews are then sent to the workplace in genuine time, exactly where transport managers, can see at a glance which automobiles are off the street and what action requirements to be taken. The reviews can present defect particulars with any pictures taken, enabling them to make far better informed restore choices across the fleet.

Being a net based application, OmniCheck DVSA is entirely scalable, suiting fleets of just one to many thousand. You can style your personal templates rapidly and effortlessly or we have straightforward use regular templates to suit each and every single industrial fleet. The app is very consumer friendly and you can swiftly produce your application making use of the OmniCheck Designer Console by developing a logic movement of your mobile inspection procedure, while leveraging all the abilities of your mobile gadgets.

The Top 8 Advantages

– A seamless inspection and reporting procedure

– Track the inspections procedure end-to-end

– Instant visibility of missed or incomplete inspections

– Drivers can upload and send photographic proof of faults or damage

– Inspection types can be bespoke for various kinds of products and automobile

– Accident report forms can be processed from inside the application

– Automated mileage information assortment

– Automated inspection scheduling

OmniCheck DVSA is an intuitive resolution that assists you handle and track the inspections procedure end-to-end. Produce custom inspection types and handle reported defects electronically that can be swiftly available from anyplace, assisting you demonstrated security and compliance on the go.