Things to take into account when buying ink cartridges for your printer

Cartridges are the driving force of a printer; if the purchased cartridges are not of optimal quality or color composition then it may lead to unforeseen losses. If you are unsure of the things that should be consideredwhile buying an ink cartridge, you should play safe and opt for a brand that is popular with regular buyers. Above all, you would want to make sure that the ink cartridge purchased is compatible with your printer.

  • What is the page yielding capacity of the cartridge?

You are making an investment here, an investment that will help carry out your regular errands more efficiently. You will not want to invest in ink cartridges that are usable for 100 or 200 pages only as you will enduphaving to buy cartridges too frequently. You should consider combinations of cartridges like the HP 61xl Ink Combo at, which yields around 500 black & white pages and around 350 colored pages per cartridge. Most people buy cartridges in combos as they can avoid having to waste time and energy in buyingcartridges for different purposes separately.

  • How long is the shelf life of the cartridge?

When you buy a combo like the HP 61xl Ink Combo at, in the normal usage sometimes a cartridge or two are often left out. Some cartridges do not have a long shelf life, i.e. they may leak ink out or the ink may dry up completely. You should properly enquire the shelf life of each ink cartridge and make sure that you won’t be facing any unwanted losses. Even though your cartridge won’t be lying around for that long, but it is recommended to buy a cartridge that has a shelf life of around 2 years.

  • Warranty and return policy of the product

Sometimes the undesirable may happen and you may end up with a defective piece. Make sure that you buy a cartridge that has a proper return policy and a warranty of around 2 years so that you can reclaim whatever amount you have lost for no fault of yours.

These are a few things that you should examine before buying ink cartridges for your printer, and make sure that whatever you are buying serves your purpose in the best possible manner.