Three Ways to Cut Wireless Data Usage to Save on Your Monthly Company Bill

Wireless data is a major expense for most companies today. When providers started realizing just how bottomless consumers’ need for data is, they realized they could make a lot more money by selling limited data packages rather than offering unlimited data plans. That is why today truly unlimited data plans are as rare as unicorns. With the cost of data going up frightfully with each tier of the packages offered by providers, you need to do everything possible to make sure that you practice effective wireless expense management to improve your bottom line.

1. Teach Your Employees to Monitor Their Data Usage

One of the most essential strategies to keep your company’s data usage in check is to make sure all your employees know how to monitor their individual data usage. This is not as simple as having someone from your IT department draft a memo or handout to teach employees how to keep track of the amount of data they are using. You actually need to have a member of the IT department give hands-on instruction to each one of your employees. This is the only way you can be sure that all your employees know how to keep track of how much data they are using.

2. Limit the Use of Data by Your Employees

If you let your employees use their company mobile devices to do anything they want, you can count on your company data usage to be too high. The biggest reason that data usage has blown up so much is the amount of video that people are watching online these days. You need to consider carefully what apps and programs can access the Internet on your corporate devices. For starters, things like Netflix and Hulu should be restricted. You may even want to restrict some employees’ access to sites like YouTube.

You can limit your company devices access to these video-hogging apps in a few different ways. If you have a small business where everyone is a trusted, loyal member of the firm, then simply encouraging a policy of non-business use for video consumption should be enough. If you have a larger corporation where you can’t expect 100 percent compliance with company policies, it makes more sense to install software that limits the access to video-dedicated apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

3. The Art of Negotiation

As any true entrepreneur knows, the heart of good business is negotiation. This is certainly true of your company’s budget for mobile data. Although wireless providers do everything possible to gouge their clients for using data, you have to realize that you have a lot of power available to force providers to give your business a good deal.

There are lots of wireless providers out there, and you can use that to leverage your current provider to give you a better deal on your wireless data package. All you need to do is threaten to leave for another provider, and you will usually see your provider offer you a discount to get them to substantially lower the price you pay. Don’t accept the first number they give you either. Make sure to press them for the lowest price possible with the threat of leaving used as a proverbial knife to your provider’s throat.

If you are smart about it, it is easy to keep your company’s wireless data usage in check. All you need to do is make sure that you implement these simple steps to lower your budget for wireless service. With careful monitoring and rules, keeping your employees’ data usage under control is fairly simple.