Why Choose a Carbon Trust Accredited Lighting Supplier?

As a commercial or industrial enterprise, the legacy that you may leave to the planet could be massive energy consumption and a harmful carbon footprint from your operations.

As we know, there is only one Planet Earth and we need to utilise all tools at our disposal to ensure its wellbeing, and ours too.

The Carbon Trust is a non-profit independent organisation that consults businesses on how they can become more energy efficient, significantly lower their carbon emissions and offer certification that the products, processes and supply chain adhere to the trust’s criteria.

Lighting is responsible for approximately 40% of electricity usage in a building so tackling issues related to the financial and ecological impacts can reward the billpayer as much as the environment.

A change to energy efficient industrial LED lighting which can offer savings of up to 90% should be a wholly tempting proposition.

Firms like the Carbon Trust accredited LED By Vision who offer commercial outdoor lighting and internal fit and forget industrial LED lighting solutions from their premises in Basingstoke are Carbon Trust accredited because their product ranges and technology developments deliver high performance and low carbon emissions.

If you believe that switching to a low emission lighting system means compromising on lighting levels and enduring half lit rooms which make staff less productive, nothing could be further from the truth.

These lights can benefit companies because they offer the best lighting which keeps staff alert.

How you use the lighting impacts on your carbon footprint too. Carbon Trust accredited lighting firms offer occupancy sensors that will cease providing lighting if there is no one in a room.

This is perfect if team members leave lights on and forget to economise. The sensor will do the work for them and this will be reflected in utility bills.

Potential Carbon Trust accredited LED lighting products savings:

  • Luminous high bay: Up to 85%
  • Tri-lights: Up to 85%
  • E14 Candle lamp: Up to 90%
  • GU10 Spotlight: Up to 90%

Commercial outdoor lighting:

80 Watt floodlight: Up to 85%

20 Watt compact floodlight: Up to 85%

As a business owner, these savings should make you leap in to action to speak to lighting experts who can tailor a lighting system to your needs.

No business should spend more than it must on energy, the Carbon Trust accredited firms and products will save money whilst diminishing your daily impact on the environment.

Surely no one wants to cause harm as they work so if you believe that your carbon footprint is higher than it should be then please speak to an expert about how you can improve your business energy efficiency.

If you aren’t sure which suppliers are Carbon Trust accredited there is an online directory and most firms who are accredited will display certification and advertise this key factor that helps you to select them instead of an energy gobbling alternative.

Have LED industrial lighting installed for maximum benefits.