Why You Should Get A Glass Bong, If You’re Going To Use A Water Pipe

Anyone who has tried marijuana knows there are several ways to smoke it. If you prefer a rugged, old-fashioned kind of smoke, you can hand-roll your own. If you’re more sophisticated, and you enjoy a bit of a Victorian look, then a traditional wooden pipe can let you puff away while looking like you belong a wing-backed leather chair. There are even glass or ceramic pipes that you can easily carry in a pocket, or keep on a shelf for when the occasion to smoke arises. Thanks to modern technology, it’s even possible to vape marijuana these days. Smokers who want something with some science in it, though, will opt for a water pipe over most of the other options on the market.

Water pipes, more commonly referred to as bongs, are simple devices. They pull smoke from the bowl through water before it gets to the smoker’s mouth. This cools off the smoke, making it less harsh on your mouth and throat, and it traps unwanted contaminants like tar, ash, and even butane from your lighter in the water. It also produces the infamous bubbling noise that any water pipe user will instantly recognize. However, bongs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. All you have to do is type in the phrase, “buy wholesale water pipes,” into a search engine, and you’ll find more smoking options than you could ever possibly use.

One of the most common materials bongs are made of, though, is glass. But why is it so common? And why should you invest in a glass bong instead of in a different, more durable material?

Glass Bongs: A Clean, Flavorful Smoke

You know how when you cook barbecue, it can take on different flavors based on the wood or coals being used to heat the fire? That happens when you smoke a bong, too. If your bong’s pipes are made from copper or brass, as an example, that can add an unpleasant, metallic tang to your smoke according to Smoker’s Guide. Worse, those metals could corrode, or hold onto resin in ways that aren’t immediately apparent to you. That can mean you’re smoking a dirty bong without knowing it. That’s gross, by itself, but it also means you have to put in a lot more work to get an enjoyable smoke that doesn’t taste like you wrapped your lips around a car’s exhaust pipe.

Glass doesn’t have those problems. With a glass bong, it’s easy to see when resin is building up so you can disassemble your pipe and give it a thorough scrubbing before you light up again. What’s even better is that glass adds no flavor to the smoke passing through it. Glass is neutral, and it’s relatively easy to wipe it down between smoking sessions. Even elaborate glass bongs can typically be cleaned out with soap, water, and maybe a pipe cleaner or two. Rinse, let it air dry, and it will be ready to go the next time you need it.